Problem Scenario 6: You have been given following data format file. Each datapoint is separated by '|'.
Example Record
Create an Hive database named "Family" with following details. You must take care that if database is already exist it should not be created again.
Comment : "This database will be used for collecting various family data and their daily habits"
Data File Location : '/hdfs/family'
Stored other properties : "'Database creator'='Vedic'" , "'Database_Created_On'='2016-01-01'"
Also write a command to check, whether database has been created or not, with new properties.

Module 6 : Advanced Topic for MapReduce (Performance and Optimization) Available (Length 58 Minutes)

1. Job Sceduling
2. In Depth Shuffle and Sorting
3. Speculative Execution
4. Output Committers
5. JVM Reuse in MR1
6. Configuration and Performance Tuning